Search feature released today!

Search is a common feature on most sites today (helps to quickly find what users are looking) without browsing a ton of pages. This feature was on our todo list unfortunately due to other backlog items couldn’t get to it on time.

Now, since available domains on the site is growing at a fast rate, some users have reached out and requested this feature as a top priority. To help our users navigate faster and with the demand in mind we went to work – Happy to announce search feature is live on the site today.

Please look for search box on the navbar, just type in what you’re looking for and search results will guide you through the best match possible.

Search Box (in top navbar)

Search Results (in search page)

Search Results Page

Please try out our search feature and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Update #1

While introducing the search feature we’ve mistakenly introduced a bug that doesn’t render the top navbar in a mobile friendly way. This in turn prevents mobile users from searching or expanding to show the search box i.e. Search feature was totally unavailable on mobile devices.

Good news, we’ve figured out source of the problem, fixed it and released a new update today (image below after the update)

Menu / Toggling option in Mobile Devices

You can see the appearance of hamburger menu button on the right in mobile devices. Touching on that button reveals search box option and now you can search on mobile devices as expected (image below).

Search Box in Mobile Devices

Please try and share your thoughts below.

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